Mixed message

On the cover of NEA Today, the National Education Association trumpets teachers as change agents. Inside, we have "Create! Communicate! Collaborate!" pushing the best in education technology.

Go us!

Then I peek at the Talkback section, where under "Confiscate Cell Phones," Shawn With-No-Name gives us a snappy way to control the scourge of student-controlled tech in our rooms:
"Attach a fee! It costs parents $15 to get the phone back the next day. Our school uses the money for a faculty lunch at a local restaurant at the end of the year."

He then follows this with a non sequitur--"safety is important but so is education."

Now I realize that Shawn's views may not represent the editorial board but the editors did elect to print it. If the union truly wants to protect our interests, they'd defer from printing this kind of inanity.

Yes, parents, we're going to whoop it up on your dime.

You cannot make this stuff up.

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