Public Nod for Single Entrance Test

According to the estimations of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), Government of India, the people of India have appreciated the National Testing Scheme (NTS) and recommended that the present college admission system should be reversed.

National Testing Scheme (NTS) is a single-examination evaluation due to which students will be exempted from appearing in multiple entrance examinations conducted all over the country by various educational institutions.

The opinion of the people was taken through a specially designed questionnaire based on a range of issues by the Committee. The voting was started by NTS website, which was launched in May 2011 and end in June 2011. The majority of the opinions were in favor of changing the current examination scheme with 59% suggesting major changes and 26% people recommended partial changes.

According to the suggestions of the survey, a single examination might having high knowledge amount and features such as alignment with the Class 12th examination syllabus, affordable examination fee, thoughtful use of time and money and transparency in various examination results.

At last, the recommendations of the Committed will be tabled in front of the Ministry of HRD by September 2011.

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