New Jefferson Building Update-- May 22

901 Walnut St.

The 7th floor is wearing it's Sunday Best.

                    Well well well. It looks like the new Jefferson Building at 9th and Walnut is coming along nicely. The bottom floors are getting mechanicals installed, the middle floors are getting their girders sprayed with that foamy shit, and it looks like it should be topping out pretty soon. The only part that seems to be left is the top boxy floor that will say "Jefferson" on it.
                       The full name of the building is the Health Professions Academic Building Jefferson Clinical Neuroscience Center. Why such a ridiculously long and confusing name? People will just end up calling it "the New Building". I would prefer if they call it the Waka Flocka Flame Center. Then it'll sound interesting. Some Jeff student will be like "Where do you have that class?", and another student will be like, "Waka Flocka!!!".

Part of this construction will be a un-fucked-upping of the 903 Walnut facade. Good fucking luck.
This is what the Waka Flocka Flame Center will look like when it's done. It better fucking glow like that.

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