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If you've been looking around for a student loan rate comparison, you're probably starting to get a little frustrated at this point, right? Unfortunately, many companies aren't very "open" with their rate information, and don't routinely print it for anyone to see. So, how can you get an accurate student loan rate comparison? There are a couple of tips that I can offer.
Talk to the finance office at your school. Student loans are a very competitive industry. There are billions and billions of dollars in profit made each and every year. This means that many of the companies that do loans compete for business. In an effort to write as many loans as they can, they will often visit the schools and pass their information onto people in the finance offices, so that when students come in to ask questions about getting loans, their information is handy.
Above and beyond the written information that they leave behind, the people working in the finance offices are usually at least somewhat familiar with their programs and interest rates from past students experiences. So, this is definitely a great option.
Physically go to the bank or lending institutions office. If you do this, you will actually get to sit down with someone and explain your situation. Once they know exactly what they are dealing with, they can generally give you an accurate "quote" on what their interest rate might be.
Use the internet. There are many sites that are set up to do nothing but provide student loan rate comparison. These sites generally include data from many different lenders and banks, and some of them even update the information daily or even hourly. So, you should be able to find a ton of information in between checking your FaceBook and Twitter.
Keep in mind that there are many factors that go into a lender deciding what your interest rate is going to be. So, a student loan rate comparison isn't always cut and dry. For instance, if you have a great credit score obviously you will probably be approved for a better interest rate than someone who has never paid a bill in their life. Something else that the look at heavily is whether or not you plan on starting to make payments at the time the loan is written or if you plan on delaying payments until your education is complete, and you find a job.
Student loan rate comparisons are definitely out there and available for you to look at and research if you are willing to go through the proper channels, and exhibit a little bit of patience.
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