What can I do with my communication degree?

What can I do with my communication degree?
Preparing for a Job in Communications

  • �                     Work at campus newspaper, yearbook staff, TV or radio station.
  • �                     Find internship at market research firm, newspaper, television or radio stations, etc.
  • �                     Compile portfolio of writing, graphics and ideas for creative development.
  • �                     Get computer knowledge as well of printing and production.
  • �                     Participate in debates.
  • �                     Gain knowledge of community and its needs.
  • �                     Demonstrate assertiveness, creativity, initiative, outgoing personality and diplomacy.
  • �                     Coordinate and promote special events on campus or in the community.
  • �                     Perfect public speaking ability.
  • �                     Audition for plays in school or amateur community groups.
  • �                     Volunteer to work backstage, crew, scenery, props, costumes, or as an extra.
  • �                     Volunteer for directing students needing to make films.
  • �                     Join professional organizations related to area of interest.

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