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Purwokerto, May 15, 2011

Dear Head Master SD N 1 SokaNegara

I would like to apply for job as teacher in your school, my application is based from my family last week.

I will teach very well, l wiil be good teacher, and l will change your school be favorit school and the best school. l have many skill; l can teach boy scout,l can speak english well, good sex appeal, strong arrousal desire, l can make teaching aids, l can play music tools, and i have strong spirit.My experince l ever tech in SD N 1 Krang tengah,and l was tech in SD N Sokaraja Kidul ofcourse l active in boy scout. below is my profile:

I have 157cm height, body weight 44 kg elongated black hair, ideal body. I am patient, strive, active, discipline, hard worker. I have intellectual and high motivation. I love children very much, l am loyal, comunicative, charming, good social. My hooby is sport, singing, reading, cooking.

I will be appriaciate if you want to make interview, for my detail information please contact me at 087837400xxxxx or Email :

thanks for your consideration.

Your sincerely

Your Miyabi

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