Regine Angeles is “Barbie Que” in Iskul Bukol remake

Regine Angeles is one of the cast members of the remake of the 80's and 90's hit television series “Iskul Bukol” which will air on TV5. She will play the role of probinsyana girl named “Barbie Que”.
Regine Angeles, Keempee de Leon and Sam YG lead the cast of the remake of classic 80s and 90s sitcom.
Keempee de Leon, one of the stars of the said remake, said that the original characters nor anyone related to them including the character portrayed by his dad Joey de Leon, will not appear on the new version. He also reportedly hinted that the new "Iskul Bukol" is partially inspired by the US sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" and the hit TV musical series "Glee."

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