Master degree in Al-Nahrain University in iraq

Al-Nahrain University, also known as Nahrain University and formerly known as Saddam University, is a coeducational public university established in 1988 and located in Baghdad, Iraq. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as research opportunities. Until 2003, the university was known as Saddam University, which was then changed to its current name "Al-Nahrain" which translates to The Two Rivers (as in the two rivers of Iraq: Tigris and Euphrates).  The university's original mission was to prepare scientific cadres for the development of intellectual thinking in the Iraq and create its future generation of leaders and think tanks. It had a "special admission" process that includes a rigorous admission exam followed by an admission interview. Thus, very few students were annually admitted and lectures had as little as 20 students per class. The university was also the first in the country to implement a semester-based academic year. In addition, Al-Nahrain's Information Engineering College was the first academic institute to offer Information Engineering studies in Iraq.

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