Need Additional Financial Aid for College? Don't Forget Your State!

Know the Financial Aid Application Deadlines for Your State
Yes, states give financial aid too!  It is important, however, that you pay attention to the deadlines for submitting financial aid forms.  Missing a deadline seriously impacts your ability to obtain federal and state financial aid as well as institutional aid and scholarships.
We have compiled a list of state deadlines for May 2011 as well as provided some tips to help you and your family understand how financial aid deadlines work. 

  • The FAFSA is the federal application for financial aid, but it is also used to apply for aid from other sources, such as the state.
  • The deadlines for the state or colleges may be different from the federal deadlines and you may be required to complete additional forms.  
  • Check with your high school guidance counselor or a college financial aid administrator about state and college sources of student aid.
  • Refer to the state in which you live, not the state of the school that you may attend.
  • Pay close attention to the college's definition of an application deadline - whether it is the receipt date and time or the process date and time of the application. 
State financial aid deadlines: 
Pennsylvania - May 1
Maine - May 1
Massachusetts - May 1
New Hampshire - May 1
Florida - May 15

If you state is not listed, it is because the state deadline is later than the month of May or may have already passed.  Visit collegepreparationevents.blogspot again for additional deadlines and tips.

For more information on completing the FAFSA form:

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