TN 12th exam Results

Tamilnadu State Gov announced exam results for the 12th std students for the academic 2010-2011 to be released on Monday,May 9th at 9.00 AM.

To know results head to

Do you want to see your result from your mobile?.
Its simple. Just follow the given ways below,

1). India Results
SMS: TN12 <REG. No> to 5676750
  EG: TN12 123456 to 5676750
2). TN results
HSC (Class 12 - PLUS TWO) Examination 2010
SMS - Result <space> TN12 <space> REGNO to 56263
Example: Result <space> TN12 <space> 123456 to 56263

SMS: TN (Roll No.) To 57799
Eg. : TN 123456 to 57799
4). Others
SMS: HSC REG.NO to 53344
Eg: HSC 234567 to 53344

                             All the best for all the 12th students to get more marks!!

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