Online or On Campus Courses - Choose and Build Your Career

Majority of educational courses are being imparted online by the several institutes/colleges in India. Some people would say that online courses are part of distance learning, but it is definitely a new trend in educational sector of the country. At the same time, it has created a debate that which one is better online course or on campus course.

It becomes tricky for the students to decide that he/she should go for on campus courses or online courses. It would be better for them to select courses that can develop their career. To make it easy, let us analyze the importance of both on campus courses and online courses.

Importance of ‘On Campus’ courses: When you pursue on campus courses, also known as regular courses, you will have to go college or institute on daily basis. You attend lectures and meet new people in the class room. Whenever you are in doubt, you can ask question to lecturer and erase your confusion on a subject. The main advantage of pursuing on campus courses is ‘interaction’, which you will not see in online courses. You can interact with teachers and with your classmate to create new thinking and ideas on any given topic that will also help in your career as well.

Importance of Online Courses: The biggest advantage of pursuing online courses is that you can do all your work anywhere like at home, at library or any other place. It requires just an internet. There are some students who want to learn theoretically as well as practically. Online courses are perhaps the best option for them. It helps you to manage the time for doing multiple works along with study. Online courses are available in almost all the educational streams such as management, science and technology, social science, education, computers, arts and architecture etc.

By analyzing the importance of both on campus and online courses, it seems both are worth for career enhancement, at their own place. Just put it simple, if you have patience to wait for a job, you should go for on campus courses. But if you have the capacity of doing job as well as pursuing study at the same time, there is no harm to opt for online courses. So make a right choice for your career!

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