Tips to Crack CAT Examinations

The CAT exam season going to start from next month onwards. Do you worry or fear about it? Dnt worry we are here to assist you to get success in the CAT examination for your higher studies. Here i provide 6 tips which are basically needed for the examination.

1)Self Confidence: Always be confidence with yourself. Dont be neverous for preparing and facing the exam. If you have full confidence with you means, you get 70% success now. Then start to prepare and be free in examination. Thats it, you done. Then I would like to say this too, Dnt be Over confident, it makes you to down surely.

2) Adopt a strategy: A planned strategy is your only route to success. Devise a timetable and divide your time for all sections. According to experts, keep last 15 days to revise questions which you solved during your mock tests. A candidate should develop a strategy on which section and questions to cover first during the test and which later and follow a technique on how to cover all finally.

3) Take as many mock tests as possible: Since it is difficult to guess what type of questions will come in CAT paper, taking as many mock tests as possible is the best way to become confident about your preparation. With so many test preparation companies coming up with practice tests which are up-to-date with latest trends and syllabus, it is easy to evaluate your performance and know where you stand. Log on to Cat Online Test to evaluate your preparation for CAT.

4) Get yourself with online format: Since the online paper format of paper is very new, candidates have to be very confident on how to take the paper. They have to be familiar with all sections and technicalities of the test. Since we are so used to taking the test in paper and pen format, taking many online practice tests can help us get familiar. Beware! Reading section can get very tough in computer.

5) Work on your speed: Speed matters especially when you aspire to score a very good percentile in CAT 2010. It is important to work on your speed and reliability of calculations. However, equally important is planning how much time to spend on each section.

6) Know your points of weaknesses: Know your weak points and work hard to improve them. In English, you should be able to focus on the ability to read and understand longer sentences on complex topics. You should know meaning of words, idioms and sentences. In quant, you should focus on all sections as 2009 online test had a balanced coverage of this section. Also pay attention in fundamentals.

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