Career Opportunities as Wedding Planner

Be a part of an event like wedding is a lifetime experience and planning the wedding ceremony is an experience in itself. The arrangements for decoration, venue selection, caterers, photographers, shopping, gifts and many more are conducted by the professional wedding planner. In a span of few years, many young aspirants, particularly Girls, have preferred their career as wedding planner. Enjoyment and celebration are the constituent parts of a marriage ceremony. As a wedding planner, you must have the passion and zeal to make people interesting in the event.

Skills and Qualities Needed For Wedding Planner

To become a successful wedding planner, one has to the enthusiasm of organizing the big occasion. Besides that, the aspirants should have possessed good communication skills, negotiating skills and more important the knowledge of customs and rituals of wedding. The wedding planners should have the adequate time and space management because they have to travel a lot and you must work for long hours. Apart from that, the wedding planners have to deal with different nature of people.

Best Institutes for Wedding Planner

India is such a country where you can find multiple institutes offer direct or indirect courses in the field of wedding planning. Few of them are National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai and Event Management Development Institute, Mumbai.

Remuneration for Wedding Planner

Remuneration is not a problem in the field of wedding planning. As a coordinator, you can earn around Rs 8000 per month, as the fresher. The experienced wedding planners may earn between Rs 30000 and Rs 50000 per month. So, if you are really serious for your career, as expected, then you can surely bet on wedding planning.

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