CAT 2011

Common Admission Test, which is popularly known as the CAT Exam 2011, is the most popular and relevant entrance tests conducted for the post graduate level programmes in the field of management. The entrance test is conducted under the administration of the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), which are the renowned business school in the country. CAT 2011 is an all India level admission test that has to be passed by the candidates to get admission to various management courses.

CAT 2011 will be held between October 22, 2011 and November 18, 2011 with new examination pattern. Click Here To Know About the CAT Exam 2011 Changed Format.

CAT 2011 Syllabus

The authority of the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2011 has not prescribed any specific syllabus for the test but one can prepare for the exam according to the given topics:

Quantitative Ability Syllabus for CAT 2011
Time and work, percentages, linear equations, quadratic equations, logarithm, progressions, mensuration, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, geometry, mixtures and allegations, set theory, functions, probability, permutation and combination, inequalities, surds and indices, binomial theorem, complex numbers, ratio and proportions, averages, speed, time and distance, interest, profit and loss, LCM and HCF and number systems.

Data Interpretation Syllabus for CAT 2011
Venn diagrams, pie chart, line charts, tables, bar graphs and column graphs.

Logical Reasoning Syllabus for CAT 2011
Blood relations, number and letter series, syllogism, calendars, logical connectives, clocks, logical matching, cubes, logical sequence, Venn diagrams, seating arrangements and binary logic.

Verbal Ability Syllabus for CAT 2011
Verbal reasoning, vocabulary based, reading comprehension and English Usage or Grammar.  

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