5 Of The Best Ways For a Full Time College Student to Earn Money

5 Of The Best Ways For a Full Time College Student to Earn Money

With the rising college tuition costs and an economy that is unstable, parents are having enough of a problem paying college tuition. After tuition costs, many simply can not pony up the dough to pay for living expenses and socializing. Under this reality, a full time college student has a very difficult time finding ways to make some extra money to pay for living expenses. Not to mention being able to have a few dollars to enjoy somewhat of a social life in between classes and studying.

A full time college student has a very difficult task in trying to put the time into their studies and earn money, at the same time. Most business owners have a set time frame available which usually does not conform to the class schedule of a full time college student. This leaves most students in a dilemma, sacrifice my grades by working a job into their schedule that might require them to miss classes or forgo library study.

Having three children attending college who all are facing this dilemma, I have been helping them find the best ways to make some extra money to pay for the college extras that always seem to come up. Over the past three years here are what we found to be the 5 of the best ways for a full time college student to earn money.


This is an easy and satisfying way to earn money, while at the same time honing your writing, spelling and grammar skills for class work, reports and life in general. It is a simple concept, you accept a writing project, negotiate a price submit your work and get paid for your service. You can take as much or as little work as you can do within your schedule.


A decent student can tutor other students in the college or even post their skills online to help local high school or middle school students

3.Internet Opportunities

By now I think most people in the world know about online ways to earn money. There are some ways that do not cost anything to start and actually can make enough to take care of some of the expenses that come up. Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and Blogging are just a couple of ways to make some money. Many of these programs do not cost anything; however, there are some online opportunities that may cost a little but can return quite a bit if. The nice thing about these opportunities is that they can be worked at any time of the day or night, so a full time college student can certainly work it into his or her schedule.

4.Work Study Programs

Most universities and colleges offer work study programs. These programs are usually designed to work around a student’s schedule. These jobs usually entail working somewhere on campus, in the library, the gym or the school book store. These jobs do not offer big money but can help.

5.Need Based Grants

This is really not a way to EARN extra money, but many times if a full time college student is diligent a grant can be obtained if properly applied for. Surprisingly, there are a lot of programs that help in this area, Housing Grants, Meal Assistance etc. The work here is to research and find out what programs are available, whether it is through the government or through the university. There are some little known grants and scholarships that should be available.

Obviously a full time college student has a schedule they have to work around and that offers very little time to set aside for an onsite job, a job that requires a student to be on the premises and provide physical services. This leaves us with opportunities that I have listed.

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