Career in Air Force Pilot

The field of Air Force Pilot or IAT Fighter Pilot is one of the most chosen career options among the young aspirants who have mission to accomplish in their future. The job requires passion and dedication towards the Air Force and the nation. Patriotism plays a key role in the outcome of the successful IAF Fighter Pilot.

 To become a professional Air Force Pilot, one has to possess multiple skills, such as:

  • Situations many arise when you have to take decisions on split-second. Therefore, aspirants should have the ability of thinking quickly as much as possible.
  • Leadership qualities are very important in this field. As a professional, you have to handle a team that can keep pressure on the opponents at all times.
  • You make sure that you are fond of high-flying activities. Once you get zeal to perform, you can defeat your enemy more strongly and effectively.

Eligibility Requirements for Air Force Pilot
To be eligible for this course, candidates have to pass four entry routes to become Air Force Pilot. The first three entries will be conducted under the Permanent Commission, while the fourth one will be held under Short Service Commission. Students must have studied mathematics and physics in their Higher Secondary Certificate Examination (10+2). The Permanent Commission also conducts Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) for the admission to these entries.

Best Institutes for Air Force Pilot
India boasts of many institutes that conduct courses in the field of Air Force Pilot. Some of them are:

  • Air Force Academy Karnataka
  • Air Force Academy Secunderabad
  • Air Force Academy Andhra Pradesh
  • Basic Flying Training School Allahabad
  • Transport Training Wing Bangalore 

Remuneration as Air Force Pilot
Any professional can easily earn in the field of Air Force Pilot in between Rs 21000 and Rs 47000 per month. In addition to the payoffs, he will get benefit of base, canteen, post retirements benefits, education, insurance, medical care and loans.

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