JEST Model Qustion Paper for Physics 2011 - Sample Q paper

JEST Sample Questions For Physics
The syllabus for JEST M.Sc level Physics paper is the standard M.Sc Physics syllabus.
The Physics question paper is multiple-choice question paper. Its contains questions of two levels of difficulty. The first level is 25 “easier” questions carrying 1 mark each. The second level have 25 “difficult” questions each carrying 3 marks. The test Questions have a total of 50 questions with 25 from each level, adding to a total maximum marks of 100. 40% questions from B. Sc. Level and 60% questions from M. Sc. Level.

 Here are the questions , which can be asked in JEST exams..

1. Black-body radiation, at temperature Ti fills a volume V. The system expands adiabatically and reversibly to a volume 8V. The final temperature Tf = xTi, where the factor x is equal to
(a) 0.5
(b) 2.8
(c) 0.25
(d) 1

2. A particle of mass m, constrained to move along the x-axis. The potential energy is given by, V(x)=a + bx +cx2, where a, b and c are positive constants. If the particle is disturbed slightly from its equilibrium position, then it follows that
(a) it performs simple harmonic motion with period 2π√(m/2c)
(b) it performs simple harmonic motion with period 2π√(ma/2b2)
(c) it moves with constant velocity
(d) it moves with constant acceleration
3. Consider a square ABCD, of side a, with charges +q, -q, +q, -q placed at the vertices, A, B, C, D respectively in a clockwise manner. The electrostatic potential at some point located at distances r (where r >> a) is proportional to
(a) a constant (b) 1/r
(c) 1/r2
(d) 1/r3

Jest Physics question paper

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